28Sep 2018
12:15 - 14:00

Spiegelgasse 1, Raum 00.003

Computer Science

Kolloquium / Seminar

Computer Science Kolloquium: Prof. Schöffmann

Medical Video Analytics


In hospitals all around the world, medical multimedia information systems have gained high importance over the last few years. One of the reasons is that an increasing number of interventions is performed in a minimally invasive way. These endoscopic inspections and surgeries are conducted with a tiny camera – the endoscope – which enables clinicians to control the intervention via an external display. Apart from the viewing purpose, the video signal can also be recorded and used for post-procedural scenarios, such as communicating operation techniques (i.e., training and teaching), planning future interventions, and medical forensics and analytics. The problem, however, is the sheer amount of unstructured video data that is added to the multimedia archive on a daily basis. Without proper management and content analytics the videos cannot be used efficiently by clinicians. In this talk I will summarize our recent investigations in this challenging research field and conclude on the achieved results.

Dr. Klaus Schöffmann is an Associate Professor in the Distributed Multimedia Systems research group at the Institute of Information Technology (ITEC) at Klagenfurt University, Austria. He received his PhD in 2009 and his habilitation (venia docendi) in 2015, both in computer science and from Klagenfurt University. His research focuses on video analytics and interactive multimedia systems, particularly in the medical domain. He has co-authored more than 100 publications on various topics in multimedia, inclusive of more than 25 on different aspects of medical multimedia systems. He has co-organized several international conferences, workshops, and special sessions in the field of multimedia. Furthermore, he is co-founder of the Video Browser Showdown (VBS) – an international live evaluation competition of interactive video search. He is a member of the IEEE and the ACM, and a regular reviewer for international conferences and journals in the field of multimedia. Klaus Schöffmann teaches various courses in computer science, including mobile app development, video retrieval, distributed multimedia systems, and operating systems.

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