07May 2019
10:30 - 12:00

Seminar room: 05.002

Seminar Algebra and Geometry: Yuri Prokhorov (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow)

Birational transformations of tetragonal conic bundles

A conic bundle f: X\to S is a flat morphism of smooth varieties whose  fibers are plane conics.  
In this talk, I will first discuss application of  Sarkisov program to the rationality problem of algebraic varieties having conic bundle structures. 
Then I concentrate on some special, so-called  tetragonal types of conic bundles, which lie on the "boundary" between birationally rigid and non-rigid ones and are especially interesting for this reason.  
The second part of the talk is based on the joint work in progress with V. Shokurov.

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