05 Jun 2023

Biozentrum, Maurice E. Müller Saal U1.111

Forschungsnetzwerk Responsible Digital Society

ChatGPT Demystified: Insights into Development, Ethics & Sustainability, and Real-World Use Cases

Colloquium of the Responsible Digital Society Research Network


Fatos Ismali, Microsoft AI


“This session will provide an overview of the GPT-family of models, their architecture, training processes, various technical consideration to consider when deploying them for different business scenarios. It will also address the ethical challenges associated with AI-driven language models, including potential biases, content moderation, and data privacy and security. Lastly, the talk will explore the diverse use cases of GPT, highlighting its transformative impact on industries such as media, healthcare, customer service, and content creation. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of ChatGPT and discuss its potential to revolutionize human-AI interaction.”

Curriculum Vitae:

Fatos Ismali is a Senior Data & AI Solutions Architect at Microsoft UK, where he passionately utilizes advanced AI and ML technologies to tackle business and societal challenges. Before joining Microsoft, he worked as a Cloud Architect at Oracle. In his current role, Fatos leads the Conversational AI and Cognitive Services task force, focusing on helping large enterprises widely adopt AI and ML. He offers guidance to C-level executives, Chief Data Officers, and Data and AI Architects on achieving AI maturity, creating cross-functional Data Science teams, and developing AI capabilities within Microsoft's Azure Cloud.
Fatos has partnered with leading global organizations across various industries, including Financial Services, Insurance, Public Sector, Media and Telecommunications, and Manufacturing. In March 2020, he received Microsoft's Champions Award for his significant contributions to the UK's NHS by developing the data analytics platform for the NHSX COVID-19 Test and Trace program. In April 2023, Fatos earned his second Champions Award for his pivotal work in establishing patterns for Large Language Models adoption within the telecommunications industry using Azure Open AI.
With a keen interest in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning Operationalization (MLOps), Fatos contributed to a major UK manufacturing organization's MLOps architecture, which won the DevOps Industry Award in 2021.
Outside of Microsoft, Fatos founded and manages the Data Science Initiative meetup community in London, consisting of over 3,600 Data Scientists. This community encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing through presentations, workshops, and hackathons. As an international speaker, Fatos often presents on topics like MLOps, NLP, Cognitive AI, and ML. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence.

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