Research Foci

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers its researchers an attractive working environment. The research projects in the department encompass themes ranging from research in pure mathematics to collaborations with industries. The projects garner national and international attention.


Theoretical Mathematics

Algebraic GeometryProf. Dr. Jérémy Blanc
Number TheoryProf. Dr. Philipp Habegger
Number TheoryProf. Dr. Pierre Le Boudec (SNF)
AnalysisProf. Dr. Gianluca Crippa
AnalysisProf. Dr. Enno Lenzmann
Mathematical Physics 
Mathematical PhysicsProf. Dr. Chiara Saffirio (SNF)
Numerical Analysis 
Numerical AnalysisProf. Dr. Marcus Grote
Computational MathematicsProf. Dr. Helmut Harbrecht
Probability Theory and Statistics 
Probability TheoryProf. Dr. Jiří Černý
Statistical ScienceProf. Dr. Giusi Moffa

Computer Science

Distributed Systems 
High Performance ComputingProf. Dr. Florina Ciorba
Databases and Information SystemsProf. Dr. Heiko Schuldt
Computer NetworksProf. Dr. Christian Tschudin
Privacy-Enhancing TechnologiesProf. Dr. Isabel Wagner
Machine Intelligence 
Signal and Data AnalyticsProf. Dr. Ivan Dokmanić
Artificial IntelligenceProf. Dr. Malte Helmert
Optimization of Machine Learning SystemsProf. Dr. Aurelien Lucchi
Biomedical Data AnalysisProf. Dr. Volker Roth

Bernoulli-Euler Center

The Bernoulli-Euler Center (BEZ) is an interdisciplinary and interfaculty documentation and research center. Its mission is to make accessible the extensive source material from the milieu of the mathematicians and physicists in the Bernoulli family and Leonhard Euler’s family and to support research in the history of science. The BEZ was founded in 2010 through a resolution by the president’s board of the University of Basel.

Third-Party Funded NTT Assistant Professorships Applications

If you are interested in applying for a third-party funded non-tenure-track assistant professorship position with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science as the host institution, the following document will provide you with information about the application process and deadlines.