City-Stories enters the "Best of INNOVATION BASEL" competition

The Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) research group is taking part in the Best of INNOVATION BASEL competition this year.

INNOVATION BASEL is an initiative of the Basel guilds and honorary societies. INNOVATION BASEL promotes local, innovative project ideas and offers the network to enable these ideas to take the next step. INNOVATION BASEL is also hosting an annual competition to award a particularly innovative project idea. This year the INNOVATION BASEL competition has the motto "Best of" and is taking place entirely online.  The best projects of the last four years are in the running. The winner will get elected via online-voting.

The DBIS research group is entering the INNOVATION BASEL competition with the City-Stories project, which landed third place in the competition four years ago. A lot has happened since then: As part of the City-Stories project, the GoFind! app with which Basel's city history can be made accessible in a new, innovative way, was developed. In the app's first version, it was primarily possible to display images at their original location so that users can compare the current with the historical view. In the current version of the app, the historic city of Basel can be experienced even closer, because of newly embedded 3D models. For example, it is possible to enjoy the current look of the Mittlere Brücke and also, with the help of GoFind!, get an impression of the historical bridge in 3D, at the end of which there was a city gate a few centuries ago. This further development of the app was due, among other things, to the embedding of additional multimedia data such as the Merian-Plan from 1615 in 3D. CityStories provides a window into the past.

If you want to vote for the City-Stories project, you can do so here until November 14th. Voting is possible once per day and email address.