07 Dec 2018
11:00  - 12:00

Seminar in Numerical Analysis: Zakaria Belhachmi (LMIA - Université de Haute-Alsace)

Geometry inpainting with preserving singularities and curvature

We present some ideas on modelling with diffusion operators some PDEs based geometry inpainting problems. The objective is to provide a closed loop continuous to discrete models. The loop consists of an initial family of simple PDEs depending on some parameters selected at the discrete level from a posteriori informations. The choice of these parameters modify dynamically the system of equations and the resulting models converge (in the Gamma-convergence sense) to a limit -continuous- model that capture the jump set of the restaured image. We also discuss the compression-based inpainting within this approach.

For further information about the seminar, please visit this <link de forschung mathematik seminar-in-numerical-analysis external-link-new-window internal link in current>webpage.

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