Numerical Analysis Research Group

From the smallest waves of visible light on a nanometer scale to the kilometer-long seismic waves of immense earthquakes, waves of great variety run through our daily lives. We can hardly imagine our lives without music, radio, cell phones, remote controls, and other such things!

If a wave spreads unhindered through a homogenous medium, then it maintains its form and can thereby transmit information. If a wave encounters an obstacle or an unevenness, then a new reflected wave runs back to its origin. This echo allows bats to hunt insects in a zigzag in complete darkness, and in its medical application, it allows doctors to make the invisible fetus visible with ultrasound.

Prof. Marcus Grote’s research group works on modern methods of numerical mathematics that allow the most efficient and accurate simulation of wave phenomena possible as well as solutions to the inverse problem by making visible the invisible inside of something using measuring data on the surface.

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