General Assembly

The general assembly is the supreme organ of the department. It comprises all professors (members of group I including assistant professors), the managing director as well as three representatives of each of the groups II - IV according to the requirements of §8 of the regulations of the department

Members of the general assembly are (as of 1 August 2022):

Prof. Dr. David BeliusMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Jérémy BlancMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Jiří ČernýMathematicsDeputy department chair
Prof. Dr. Florina CiorbaComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Gianluca CrippaMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Ivan DokmanićComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Marcus GroteMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Philipp HabeggerMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Helmut HarbrechtMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Malte HelmertComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Pierre Le BoudecMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Enno LenzmannMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Aurelien LucchiComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Giusi MoffaMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Volker RothComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Chiara SaffirioMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Heiko SchuldtComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Christian TschudinComputer ScienceDepartment chair
Christine Meier Managing director
Dr. Annette A'CampoMathematicsRepresentative group II 
Dr. Marcel LüthiComputer ScienceRepresentative group II
Prof. Dr. Michael MerzActuarial ScienceRepresentative group II
Anna BotMathematicsRepresentative group III
Leon FröberMathematicsRepresentative group III
Silvan HellerComputer ScienceRepresentative group III
Dr. Heike FreibergerComputer ScienceRepresentative group IV
Barbara FridezMathematicsRepresentative group IV
Bas KinSystem administrationRepresentative group IV
Esther MugdanComputer ScienceRepresentative group V
Katharina PêtreMathematicsRepresentative group V
Albi TahiriActuarial ScienceRepresentative group V


Information on the group classification can be found in §4 of the University Statute (in German).