Dr. Aurélien Lucchi appointed Assistant Professor for Data Analytics Systems


Dr. Aurélien Lucchi

Dr. Aurélien Lucchi is to become the new Assistant Professor of Data Analytics Systems at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Dr. Aurélien Lucchi has been appointed Assistant Professor (with tenure track) of Data Analytics Systems at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science by the President’s Board of the University of Basel. Dr. Lucchi is French and he received his PhD in Computer Science from EPF Lausanne in 2014 with the thesis "Learning discriminative features and Structured Models for Segmentation in Microscopy and Natural Images" in collaboration with neuroscientists to develop algorithms for the analysis of large-scale electron microscopy data. His research focuses on machine learning, stochastic optimization and deep learning.

Dr. Lucchi has been a senior researcher at the Institute for Machine Learning at ETH Zurich since 2018, where he led several projects in the area of optimization for machine learning and generative models, as well as various applied projects in cosmology, quantum computing and environmental engineering. He created and led a consulting service to help research groups at ETH Zurich apply machine learning. He has previously worked as a research intern at Microsoft and Google. He will join the University of Basel on 1 January 2022.

You can find the full announcement from the University of Basel «New professorships in data analysis, musicology and pharmacy» here.