27 Apr 2023

Departement Mathematik und Informatik, Spiegelgasse 5, Basel, 5. OG, Seminarraum 05.002

Fachbereich Mathematik

Perlen-Kolloquium: Dr. Frank Bretz (Novartis)

Optimal test procedures for multiple hypotheses controlling the familywise expected loss

We consider the problem of testing multiple null hypotheses, where a decision to reject or retain must be made for each one and embedding incorrect decisions into a real-life context may inflict different losses. We argue that traditional methods controlling the Type I error rate may be too restrictive in this situation and that the standard familywise error rate may not be appropriate. Using a decision-theoretic approach, we define suitable loss functions for a given decision rule, where incorrect decisions can be treated unequally by assigning different loss values. Taking expectation with respect to the sampling distribution of the data allows us to control the familywise expected loss instead of the conventional familywise error rate. Different loss functions can be adopted, and we search for decision rules that satisfy certain optimality criteria within a broad class of decision rules for which the expected loss is bounded by a fixed threshold under any parameter configuration. We illustrate the methods with the problem of establishing efficacy of a new medicinal treatment in non-overlapping subgroups of patients.


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