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Dr. Nikolai Leopold

Assistent/ PostDoc (FG Saffirio)

Spiegelgasse 1
4051 Basel



Since November 2019 I have been a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Chiara Saffirio. Over the last two years my research has been supported by a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship within the scope of the project Effective Equations for Fermionic Systems. Prior to this, I spent two years in the research group led by Robert Seiringer at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. I obtained my Ph.D. in mathematics at the LMU Munich under the supervision of Peter Pickl.

My field of research is mathematical physics. In particular, I am applying tools from functional analysis, partial differential equations and semiclassical analysis to study the properties of effective evolution equations and to derive them from many-body quantum mechanics.



17. Ground state of Bose gases interacting through singular potentials,
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15. Renormalized Bogoliubov Theory for the Nelson Model,
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4. Mean-Field Dynamics for the Nelson Model with Fermions,
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3. Mean-field limits of particles in interaction with quantized radiation fields
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2. Derivation of the Maxwell-Schrödinger Equations from the Pauli-Fierz Hamiltonian
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1. Derivation of the Time Dependent Gross-Pitaevskii Equation in Two Dimensions
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Contributions to Oberwolfach Reports:

20. Mini-Workshop: Mathematics of Many-body Fermionic Systems,
N. Leopold, P.T. Nam and C. Saffirio,
Oberwolfach Rep. 49/2023 (preliminary version), DOI: 10.14760/OWR-2023-49.

19. Effective dynamics for the Nelson model with many fermions,
contribution to the mini-workshop report 10/2019 "Lorentz Gas Dynamics: particle systems and scaling limits", DOI: 10.14760/OWR-2019-10.

18. Derivation of the Maxwell-Schrödinger Equations from the Pauli-Fierz Hamiltonian
contribution to the workshop report 41/2017 "Mathematical Questions and Challenges in Quantum Electrodynamics and its Applications", DOI: 10.14760/OWR-2017-41.