15 years after the foundation of computer science as a major subject at the University of Basel, the AlumniComputerScience section was inaugurated on 18 October 2018 to bring together the numerous students and PhD students who have finished their studies in Basel. The alumni group shall foster networking activities between the alumni and the department and allow for interesting exchanges. Moreover, it connects the alumni to the department and keeps them up-to-date regarding scientific activities and new developments at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. 

How to participate?

Become a member

Register at http://register.alumnicomputerscience.ch and select AlumniComputerScience as the section you would like to participate to. By participating to AlumniComputerScience Basel, you will also participate and profit from the benefits of AlumniBasel. The membership costs Fr. 60.- per year and involves a yearly event organized by AlumniComputerScience.

More information are available at https://alumnibasel.ch/mitgliedschaft/allgemeine-informationen.

Join the network

Join our LinkedIn group at https://linkedin.alumnicomputerscience.ch to connect with former peers. See who is in your network of Alumni and stay in contact.

Stay informed

Register for our newsletter at https://newsletter.alumnicomputerscience.ch and stay informed about upcoming events. Learn about our events, about news at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and stay up-to-date.

Connect and contribute

Contribute to the alumni network, organise events and actively connect with former students. Join the alumni board or contact us if you have ideas for the AlumniComputerScience. Contact us at computerscience@clutteralumnibasel.ch and let us know what you are up to! 


AlumniBasel primarily pursues ideal and social goals. However, it also provides you with various member benefits. Moreover, as a member of AlumniComputerScience you may take advantage of a CV check and other career developing opportunities offered by Goldwyn Partners Group AG.


News and Events

Join us on LinkedIn at http://linkedin.alumnicomputerscience.ch and sign up for our newsletter at http://newsletter.alumnicomputerscience.ch to stay informed about future events.

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Loris Sauter, Dr. Ivan Giangreco, Dr. Heike Freiberger, Prof. Dr. Heiko Schuldt