Directorial Committee

The directorial committee comprises all professors (group I including assistant professors) and the managing director from the department.

The members of the directorial committee are (as of 01 August 2023):

Prof. Dr. Jérémy BlancMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Jiří ČernýMathematicsDepartment chair
Prof. Dr. Florina CiorbaComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Gianluca CrippaMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Ivan DokmanićComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Marcus GroteMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Philipp HabeggerMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Helmut HarbrechtMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Malte HelmertComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Pierre Le BoudecMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Enno LenzmannMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Aurelien LucchiComputer Science 
Christine Meier Managing Director
Prof. Dr. Giusi MoffaMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Volker RothComputer ScienceDeputy department chair
Prof. Dr. Chiara SaffirioMathematics 
Prof. Dr. Heiko SchuldtComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Christian TschudinComputer Science 
Prof. Dr. Isabel WagnerComputer Science