17 Apr 2024
14:15  - 16:00

Online via Zoom

Seminar Analysis and Mathematical Physics: Anuj Kumar (UC Berkeley)

Sharp nonuniqueness of the transport equation with Sobolev vector fields

We construct nonunique solutions of the transport equation in the class $L^\infty$ in time and $L^r$ in space for divergence free Sobolev vector fields $W^{1, p}$. We achieve this by introducing two novel ideas: (1) In the construction, we interweave the scaled copies of the vector field itself. (2) Asynchronous translation of cubes, which makes the construction heterogeneous in space. These new ideas allow us to prove nonuniqueness in the range of exponents beyond what is available using the method of convex integration and sharply matchwith the range of uniqueness of solutions from Bruè, Colombo, De Lellis ’21. 

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