16 Dez 2022
11:00  - 12:00

Seminar in Numerical Analysis: Christophe Geuzaine (Université de Liège)

Non-reflecting boundary conditions and domain decomposition methods for industrial flow acoustics

This talk is devoted to non-overlapping Schwarz domain decomposition methods for the resolution of high frequency flow acoustics problems of industrial relevance. First, we will present recent advances on non-reflecting boundary techniques that provide local approximations to the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator for convected and heterogeneous time-harmonic wave propagation problems [1]. Then we will show how to adapt a generic domain decomposition framework to flow acoustics, based on these newly designed transmission conditions, and highlight the benefit of the approach on the simulation of three-dimensional noise radiation of a high by-pass ratio turbofan engine intake [2].

[1] Marchner, P., Antoine, X., Geuzaine, C., & Bériot, H. (2022). Construction and numerical assessment of local absorbing boundary conditions for heterogeneous time-harmonic acoustic problems. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 82(2), 476-501.

[2] Lieu, A., Marchner, P., Gabard, G., Beriot, H., Antoine, X., & Geuzaine, C. (2020). A non-overlapping Schwarz domain decomposition method with high-order finite elements for flow acoustics. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 369, 113223.

For further information about the seminar, please visit this webpage.

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