A bachelor’s is the first degree and is required to pursue a master’s degree. It comprises 180 credit points (ECTS) and usually takes three years. After acquiring a bachelor’s degree, you are able to analyze problems systematically and to work out solutions independently using information and communication technologies. You won’t only know the current state of technology; you will also be prepared to independently handle the constant changes in technology.

Start of program:every fall semester
Deadline for registration:

30 April

Normal duration of programm:6 semester as a full-time student
Languages of instruction:German and English

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


The bachelor’s degree programs are organized into modules. In each module, students must earn at least the set number of credit points (ECTS) that belong to the module by passing the courses.


Foundations of Computer Science34Foundations of Computer Science
Formal Concepts of Computer Science16Theoretical and Algorithmic Foundations
Distributed Systems16Advanced Knowledge in the Field of Distributed Systems
Machine Intelligence16Advanced Knowledge in the Field of Machine Intelligence
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science40Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Applications and Related Topics31Further computer science lectures and related topics
Electives12Courses you are free to take from other programs of study
Bachelor’s thesis15Independent work on a project